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Legacy Solutions Report 2020

In addition to the change to more ‘benefit-focused’ solutions, the industry has experienced a significant amount of advancement as a result of a variety of other factors. These include market dis- ruptions, changes in the regulatory envi- ronment, client-driven innovations and the application to new industries.

The Rise of Runoffs – May 2020

After transforming its reputation and broadening its scope, the run-off market could play an important role in the wake of COVID-19.

The M&A Effect – December 2019

Eric Haller (EH): As we approach the start of a new decade, it is clear that 2019 was another year of positive growth in global M&A activity. E&Y reported that global M&A annual value has reached over $2trn since 2015, with a total of $2.6trn in 2018. Developed countries tend to dominate most cross-border M&A activity with the top countries being the United States and the UK. Corporate M&A trends point to further acceleration of deal fl ow, including the number and size of transactions. This is set to extend several years of record M&A activity

Shaking off the ‘Vulture’ Reputation – May 2019

Often seen as the “vultures” of the insurance world, the prominence of legacy liability providers has grown continually in recent times. Before now, companies offering a way out for multinationals were either misunderstood or operated under the radar

The Systematic Approach – Bermuda Report 2019

Eric Haller (EH): The middle-market runoff insurance sector is currently underserved with regard to competitive exit opportunities. Our focus is to address the ineffi ciencies in the market by providing competitive solutions that are easy for counterparties to understand and execute.
We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly assess and understand our clients’ objectives and then structure unique solutions that are better aligned to accomplish those objectives – whether it be fi nality, shared risk taking, speed to closing or maximising liquidity. This takes patient capital, a deep understanding of how various risks develop, and the ability to quickly identify areas for improvement through motivated claims management.

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