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Run-off specialist fleming re acquires AGGCAP II

Fleming Re Holdings LLC (“Fleming Re”) recently completed the acquisition of AggCap Insurance, Ltd – AggCap II (“AggCap II”), a group captive in run-off providing workers compensation insurance for a large membership of California-based agribusinesses.  The acquisition provides members of AggCap II with full legal finality, elimination of operating expenses, and a release of capital.

AggCap Insurance, Ltd. is a Bermuda domiciled segregated accounts company that for nearly 20 years has provided workers compensation insurance, loss control services, and active claims management to farms, vineyards, and orchards throughout California. Working closely with our TPAs and front companies, Fleming Re will continue to provide the same quality care and coverage.

Fleming Re CEO, Eric Haller, stated, “We appreciate the thoughtful dedication of AggCap’s management who, on behalf of its members, worked tirelessly with us to structure a solution that maximized value for all parties.  With this acquisition, Fleming Re has this year alone provided a wide range of runoff solutions to the market, including reinsurance, novations, and acquisitions.  We will continue to build an efficient run-off platform with a focus on quality underwriting of legacy risks.  We are seeing growing demand from the marketplace and will complete several more transactions over the coming months.”

An Executive Committee Member and Director of AggCap II, commented, “Fleming Re was able to provide the members of AggCap II a fairly priced solution that provided full finality and released excess capital.  Their expertise helped facilitate a smooth process.”

According to Stephen Minor, Fleming Re Chairman, “AggCap constitutes another important transaction for Fleming Re.  Even as capital market interest in the runoff asset class grows, we believe our customer universe remains under-served.  Trapped collateral, insurtech disruption, rising non-tariff barriers to global capital flows, all create an insurance market that is increasingly fragmented and often illiquid.  We are building a legacy carrier that is optimized to address these issues by focusing on the corporate M&A process and the captive/alternative risk transfer universe. The track record and cost structure required to do so does not happen overnight nor is it easily replicated.  Generating attractive long term returns on capital, we believe, requires patience and specialization. We look forward to deliberate execution on this strategy in 2020.”

About Fleming Reinsurance
Fleming Re is a Bermuda based class 3A insurance company with a track record in providing a full range of reinsurance structures and finality solutions for legacy liabilities, as well as liquidity and risk transfer alternatives to the middle market insurance sector.  Fleming Re takes pride in providing sellers with competitive terms on an expedited basis and certainty of closing on time.  Fleming Re and its management team have extensive experience acquiring insurance portfolios in run-off in the U.S., Bermuda, Cayman, U.K. and European Union countries.  www.flemingreinsurance.com

For additional information, please contact pressrelations@flemingreinsurance.com

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